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The AudiaZ product range does not differ, as usual, only in terms of different sized models.

The aim during development was to offer speakers suitable for different room sizes.

The different models can vary individually and be offered in several different versions.

Due to the individual customization, the customer can select the type of loudspeaker that suits his spatial conditions and then determine different quality levels himself with the help of various options.

Cadenza Gen 3

The Cadenza Gen3 is a full-range floorstanding loudspeaker with complete Accuton ceramic chassis.


Cadenza Riva Diamond


The Cadenza Riva Diamond is a new development based on the Cadenza, with a newly developed midrange driver from Accuton in combination with the 30mm diamond tweeter from Accuton.


The Opera is currently the largest floorstanding loudspeaker in the puristic AudiaZ design with larger bass drivers and larger midrange drivers from Accuton's Cell line.

IMG_4366-scaled (1)_edited.png

Opera Diamond

The Opera Diamond is similar to the Opera, but is equipped with a 30mm diamond tweeter from Accuton.

Opera Grandezza

The Opera Grandezza is equivalent to the Opera Diamond, but is additionally equipped with the 90mm diamond midrange driver from Accuton.

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