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The materials used by AudiaZ are sourced from the world's best manufacturers. And many of these high-end suppliers come from Germany.

Quality “Made in Germany” is not only reflected in our individual production. It also requires close contact with our partners in the development of components.

At the same time, AudiaZ also develops its own components if the available quality does not meet our requirements.

For example, the internal wiring is manufactured exclusively according to our specifications.


The design of all AudiaZ models with its straight, clear design language consistently corresponds to the Bauhaus style.


Functionality is the absolute priority here, and unnecessary decoration is completely avoided. Since 1999.

Cadenza Gen3



AudiaZ loudspeakers are characterized by an extremely complex housing with multiple bracing and also with various damping materials in order to allow the remaining natural vibrations of the housing only in those frequency ranges that can no longer be excited by the chassis used.

This is achieved, among other things, by the special housing shape with a narrow front wall, sloping stabilizing side walls and a dampened rear wall, which specifically absorbs the vibration energy.

Such a housing can no longer be manufactured industrially; the machine-made individual parts have to be painstakingly assembled by hand and then veneered or painted. There is enormous craftsmanship in every AudiaZ loudspeaker.


Only hand-picked veneers are used in production, with the carpenter's years of experience being crucial for the individual composition of each veneer sheet. For each pair of speakers, only veneer sheets from the same tree are used to ensure that the end product is a mirror image of each pair, both in terms of structure and color.

Painted surfaces in pearl gloss black, pearl gloss white or golden ebony high gloss are available on request.


The highest ambitions lead to the selection of the best chassis available on the world market.

AudiaZ was the first German loudspeaker manufacturer to use the 90mm diamond midrange driver BD90 from Accuton.

The brand new C90-726 midrange speaker with the extremely powerful 1.8 Tesla engine was also used for the first time by AudiaZ.



The AudiaZ Planar cables consist of solid pure silver conductors with an extruded Teflon dielectric, manufactured exclusively for AudiaZ.

In all AudiaZ loudspeaker models, the entire internal wiring is carried out with these pure silver cables.

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