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Exclusively for AudiaZ, GORE produces a planar cable with a dielectric made of extruded Teflon.

The individual solid conductors are made of pure silver and have a polished surface.

Compared to conventional cables with a standard grid dimension, the conductor spacing of the AudiaZ cables has been optimized to reduce the cable capacitance as much as possible. By connecting the individual conductors in parallel, the overall inductance of the cable is reduced. Overall, this leads to a very high bandwidth of the AudiaZ cable.

The AudiaZ Planar cables are used as internal wiring in all AudiaZ loudspeakers. Compared to other solid pure silver cables, the AudiaZ cables have a very large overall cross-section in order to transmit the entire frequency range without loss.



Cable connector

When Teflon is stretched under the right conditions, it forms a solid microporous material. This expanded Teflon is particularly suitable as an insulating material due to its low losses and low dielectric constant.

The unique porous structure with its high air content minimizes distortion in signal transmission. Gore is the world leader in the production and processing of ePTFE and produces the entire range of cables for AudiaZ.


Highly pure 6N silver with a polished surface is used as the conductor material. A thermoelectric process achieves a predominantly monocrystalline structure of the conductor material.


Available as:

Speaker cables, either with pure silver hollow banana plugs or with solid pure silver cable lugs.

The XLR cables are assembled with Neutrik connectors.

The RCA connectors are equipped with Eichmann silver bullet plugs.

BNC cables are assembled with Oyaide connectors.

The power cables are equipped with plug inners from Oyaide, the housing is made of solid aluminum.

USB cables or HDMI cables are available as custom-made products.

Cable connector
Cable connector
Cable connector
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