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The Opera is currently the largest floorstanding loudspeaker in the puristic AudiaZ design with larger bass drivers and larger midrange drivers from Accuton's Cell line.

This full-range loudspeaker is suitable for medium to large rooms. Its distinctive design with its clear Bauhaus-style lines blends harmoniously into a timeless living environment without being visually obtrusive.

The best available material selection, from the chassis used to the pure silver internal wiring to the exclusive crossover components and the ultimate housing materials, is the basis for the outstanding sonic characteristics of the Opera.


The components of the crossover consist of extremely high-quality mica capacitors and film capacitors from Duelund, Intertechnik, Mundorf and BMC.

The entire internal wiring from the pole terminals to the crossover and to all chassis consists of solid pure silver conductors with GORE dielectric made of extruded Teflon.


For the highest demands, the tweeter has a 30 mm ceramic dome, the capacitor in front of the tweeter is made of solid pure silver foil with pure silver connections, the cables in the tweeter range consist of a pure silver solid conductor.

Opera Specifications


3 way, bass reflex


Tweeter 30 mm ceramic membrane

Midrange 168 mm ceramic membrane

Bass 2x 220 mm sandwich membrane


89.5 dB/W/m

Frequency response

22 Hz to 40 kHz

Nominal impedance

6 Ohms

Power amplifier performance

From 50 watts Class A


WBT pole terminals 0710AG


Width 284mm

Height 1257mm

Depth 284 mm




pearl gloss black

pearl gloss white

golden ebony high gloss

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